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Please note that uploading your Child's Photo, CPR Copy, and Birth Certificate Copy are required to finish this application.

Also, kindly make sure to submit Copy of Immunization Record and Parents' CVs, CPRs Copies, and Photos to the Office of the Registrar
For any inquiries, kindly contact the direct number: 34244244

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Siblings in Bahrain Bayan School

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Thank you for your interest in Bayan School,
To complete the registration process the below agreement must be signed and accepted, and a payment of 30BD (non-refundable) must be paid. Please note that if the registration process is not complete the application will not be considered. Please have the application form attached in the email you will receive shortly in hand upon payment to the registrar's Office along with: Vaccination Record Copy, Previous School's Grades (if applicable), Mother and Father CVs.
please contact the school if you do not recieve an email with one hour.

As soon as the parents submit to the registrar, the registration form, duly filled and signed by one of them, candidate parents engage themselves to fulfill the following:

  1. Provide accurate school and health data on the candidate and allow the school to verify the data submitted to it.
  2. Pay the fees and other expenses related to the educational process, as determined by the school administration and the Ministry of Education.
  3. Acknowledge and agree that the existence of a brother or sister of the candidate all the School does not entitle him/her to benefit from an absolute priority to enter the school, given that the basic criterion is the results of the exam and place availability.
  4. Acceptance of decisions (administrative and academic) being taken by the administration and teachers.
  5. No harm to the school and its image both at home and abroad, orally or in writing, in private or in public.
  6. Pay the cost of any vandalism committed by their son or daughter, and pledge to accept the decisions of the Board of Directors and committees, as well as management decisions in response to disorderly conduct or repeated poor performance of their son/daughter.
  7. Teachers should not be contacted outside working hours. It should be only through the administration and within the limits of work and responsibilities of each member of administrative and technical bodies.
  8. Gift to teachers or to administrative staff and technicians working in the school is not permitted.
  9. Participate in school activities, respect school calls for meetings, and attend school lectures.
  10. Accept the principle of expelling the student from the school in the event of wrongdoing with security or disciplinary or ethical character, or of riots and cracking, or any act that would impede the processes of learning and teaching in the classroom or school.

Because of the large numbers of applications, we might take some time to answer you as we have to do a proper screening of the application forms and the Admission’s Committee meets to discuss the results for final approval. 

You will be notified of acceptance non acceptance or waiting list by sms.

Please note that in order to process this application, a non-refundable payment is required to be made.

Total Amount

BD 30