Compliance and Quality Assurance Department

Bahrain Bayan School has always been dedicated to offering its students the finest learning experiences possible. In line with our Strategic Plan to ensure the utmost quality in all aspects of the school, we have decided to add a new Compliance and Quality Assurance department to our administration this year. The role of this department is to ensure that we are providing outstanding educational services to our students, parents, and stakeholders, to certify that all school processes run smoothly and consistently, and to generally ensure and enhance every aspect and feature of the school.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Strategic Plan
  • Teacher Appraisal System
  • i-Audit
  • Survey & Feedback Analysis
  • 5-year Gap Analysis

Department Members

Radia Haider Ali
Director of Compliance and Quality Assurance Dept.
Dana Al Bader
Assistant to Director of Compliance and Quality Assurance Dept.